Dear George Orwell, you have Arrived late But you Are not a Welcome Guest.

It is an interlocutory phase where the whole world is asking how all this could have happened, trying in every way to lead a normal life and realizing that even before normalcy did not exist at all.

You navigate by sight and you face life day by day waiting for something to happen and you don’t know exactly what.
You turn on the television and the news is always the same, they talk about covid, economic crisis, vaccines and the government is committed to doing something to solve the situation.

The goals that were once real have now become virtual and you live in a perpetual expectation that leaves no room for anything that is not ephemeral and without any logic.

I look out the window and spy on the machines and I realize that we are all in trouble, I talk to people and the diary is as empty as the refrigerator that has been empty for some time now…..

Dear George Orwel, you are a little late, but you are not welcome, our expectations were very different and they have vanished and with them our will to live.

The party is over and it’s time to start again.


Dear George Orwell

In spite of all the fear and hype surrounding, COVID-19 the real story, the story that will be studied by historians for centuries to come, has little to do with the virus itself, but rather the failed attempt made by ruling elite to reshape human society using the disease as a pretext.

At this point we have enough evidence to assess where the governments of the world are going with this, and it’s not good. The lynchpin of their strategy centers on mass vaccinations and health passports tied to a national and ultimately an international database which will keep track of everyone’s immunization status.

They are in the process of setting up a system in which the only people allowed to move freely, work, and attend events will be those who submit to their dictates. It will start with a vaccine, but that’s just the beginning. Once you are in the system they can and will set new terms. If they succeed they will have total control of all medical decisions. Resist and you loose your freedom.

Though some people might think that this pandemic will be brought to an end with one mass vaccination, the official narrative points to a very different picture. A much more likely scenario involves multiple rounds of vaccines pushed on a yearly basis.

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Now regardless of your position on vaccines in general, COVID-19 vaccines should be regarded with skepticism. These are MRNA vaccines, a technology that has never been used on humans before and it will have no long term tests conducted before the mass roll out.

It is absolutely impossible to foresee all to the long term consequences of such an operation. And if we’re talking about multiple rounds of these vaccines this implies multiple layers of untested code interacting with each other. The potential for unforeseen long term side effects is extremely high.

While vaccine producers have hailed the immune response that their products generate, this actually has the potential to increase the number of fatal cases. COVID-19 is not deadly for most people, but for those that get the worse cases the problem is never a lack of immune response, but rather a hyper-immune response that leads to what they call a cytokine storm. What kills people is the immune system going into overdrive, causing massive inflammation of the lungs, brain and other vital organs.

Another potential consequence of multiple rounds of these vaccines is a long term increase in auto-immune diseases such as multiple sclerosis (see the H1N1 and Guillain-Barre syndrome, also see how measles-mumps-rubella immunization has been proven to cause immune thrombocytopenic purpura).

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These kinds of diseases are caused by the the body’s immune system attacking its own cells leading to a slow degenerative death. These kinds of side effects would be virtually untraceable, and you can be sure that making the connection between an increase in such cases and the mass vaccination regime will be off limits.

The simple fact of the matter is that there has been absolutely no time to see the long term side effects of these vaccines. To foist them onto the entire population all at once, in response to a disease that only kills a small percentage of those who contract it is beyond irresponsible, it’s criminal. The fact that vaccine producers have been granted complete and total immunity to litigation and prosecution related to these products is very telling.

Now this is a very grim picture I’m painting here, but there is hope. I strongly believe that the powers-that-be have miscalculated. They think they can train and condition you like dogs, but they’re wrong. The 2020s will be characterized by the rise of a great resistance.

It will start slowly at first; small pockets of chaos and uprising that grow beyond their imagination. The kinds of riots we’re seeing in France right now are just the beginning. It will take some time, and it will get worse before it gets better, but the-powers-that-be will lose everything in the end.

Covid-19 – The Orwellian Nightmare & How to Fight Back

To facilitate this process we need to propagate some key information. Crowd psychology is a weapon. It’s time to pick up that weapon and learn how to use it. Read Gustave Le Bon’s books: “The Crowd” and “The Psychology of Revolutions”. Watch “The Century of the Self” and study the psychology and tactics developed by Edward Bernays.

Read “From Dictatorship to Democracy” and research how it has been used systematically to topple governments through color revolutions. With this information a handful of people can bring down an empire. With leaders popping up everywhere the powers-that-be will be facing an assault from all sides. Cut off one head and three more will grow up to take its place.

This is how you stop them.


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