Do you Like Golf: Here is the Best for you that you Want to Win

Golf is a wonderful sport where an individual is fighting before his opponents with himself.

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It takes absolute mastery of your body and the surrounding environment but to do this you need the right tools and Faiway Golf offers them to you with a wide range of tools that will make you a champion in sport and in life, where the goal is limit it to simple participation.


Fairway Golf

Fairway golf has had a long standing reputation of providing not only the best golf equipment to our customers, but the best service as well.

Fairway Golf has been in business for over 29 years and has made San Diego it’s home since the beginning in 1991. Since our humble beginnings as a mom and pop shop, owners have taken their family business and expanded rapidly while still maintain their tradition and belief that customer service and quality of products must come first.

To this day Fairway Golf has gone beyond its shop doors and expanded into the local and even international community organizing events and reaching out to those who love the game of golf. These events include 29 years running a monthly golf tournament, 29 years of SCGA Affiliate Member Fairway Golf club, 21 years of Charity Golf Tournament for local schools, supporting junior and high school golf programs, and more.

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Fairway Golf has always supported our local community and valued our customers business. We are pleased to serve our community, our customers, and the vendors who together make golfing more than just a sport, but a quality experience that goes beyond the golf course.


"We give you what you need, not what you want." Yelp

Fairway has rare and specialized equipment not sold anywhere else such as Japanese brands that the average golfer didn’t even know they super wanted, rare golf items, Scotty Cameron clocks, Scotty headcovers, Miura Polos, Exotic ball markers, sought after head covers, sold out golf bags, and many more unique to Fairway items. Fairway Golf maintains a Top 50 Fitter and 3 Top 100 Fitters. Fairway Golf has 7 club builders, one of which is Top 10 in San Diego County. Oldest Golf shop in San Diego, one of the last Mom and Pop shops around and an extensive internet site full of needed products.

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Taylor Made M2 Driver

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