Schmartboard: Ready to use jumpers the Best on the Market

The world of information technology is not just accessing the network and viewing for example ” Toba60 ”, but it is above all composed of a very complex material infrastructure, and it is from how it is built that the optimal outcome of the service comes. we use and this is the task of technicians who need the best to be able to do it.

Schmartboard is a fantastic support that cannot be missing in anyone who is at the forefront of this precious work.



Prototyping Boards: Schmartboard makes it quicker and easier to get from the idea to the finished circuit, because only with SchmartBoard,  anyone can hand solder SOIC, QFP, PLCC, QFN,  and discrete surface mount components. In fact, with SchmartBoard hand soldering surface mount components is even easier than hand soldering through hole.

 Instead of denying yourself the most current chip technology or paying a fortune for prototyping, you can now use today’s most advanced chip technologies in your prototype circuits. Because SchmartBoard|ez makes hand soldering SMT parts fast, easy and flawless, your time is not wasted waiting for someone to populate your custom PCB for testing and money is saved in the development of your project.  Get from your concept to final printed circuit board quicker than ever with Schmartboard.

Wire Jumpers: Schmartboard Jumpers are of the highest quality available. You will find that the male and female receptacles on Schmartboard jumpers are thinner than most on the market which allow you to work better and easier in tight areas. Our Female receptacles fit snugly on .1”  headers. The Male receptacles work great with both breadboards as well as PCBs. We challenge you to compare ours head to head with others because we know you will immediately understand the difference.


Engineering Services: Schmartboard works with everything from Start-ups to Multi-Billion dollar corporations to design, fabricate and assemble electronic circuits.  This is where we started and it is still our core competency.  Our products were developed as a consequence of the deficiencies that we experienced while engineering projects for our customers.  You will find that our rates are very competitive, our service is fast and our people are experienced and knowledgeable 

Cable Design and Fabrication: Schmartboard off the shelf jumpers are the best on the market.  The female receptacles are snug and the wire is well made.  We therefore get requests for custom jumpers and other types of cable assemblies all the time. 

Kitting Services for Educational Institutions: Schmartboard works with many education institutions in the creation of new tools or for simply kitting our products together with other items such as soldering irons or components for the benefit of students.

Welcome to SchmartBoard! 

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