The Power of Google

Google has taken on the burden of “verifying the internet” in order to supposedly help users in an information flood. The information, monopoly colossus intends to rank search results based on a “truth score” and not on their popularity.

In general, the monopoly search engine is based on a system that sorts sites based on the number of inbound links, which means that even “untrue” information (meaning non-systemic truths, vaccines, cancer, aerial spraying, 5G, etc. false abominations are obvious) if read, they can be found relatively high in the endless chain of search results… and this is not, of course, acceptable to Big Pharma .

Google has decided that it is better to measure the reliability (sic) than the reputation of a site and as revealed in the scientific journal New Scientist, “each site will have a knowledge based trust rating based on the number of incorrect data will be found on every site “. The score will be based on software called Knowledge Vault .

The stock of Google data is estimated at more than 8 billion pieces of information it has collected from the internet. Those elements that are considered reliable will be considered “reasonably true” while sites with conflicting information will be placed lower in the rankings, until they are inevitably lost in the bin of digital oblivion.

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This is what the Saini believe !!!

This comes at a time when developers are trying to find ways to control all kinds of web content, including email, applications like Lazy Truth (a browser extension designed to eliminate fake chains that make the rounds of the internet) or Emerget, a project of the Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University in New York, which finds rumors on various websites and then confirms or disproves them, citing other sources. Matt Stempeck, LazyTruth developer, says such online tools are useful, although it is very difficult to challenge incorrect data. “How can Google correct people’s misunderstandings?” emphasizes Matt Stempeck.

Of course he does not tell us what he considers as “misunderstandings” let’s say e.g. for cancer and the hundreds of ways to treat or prevent it, which authoritarian medicine denies. Millions of people are cured or do not get sick at all by following natural ways (live food, herbs, exercise, dancing, etc.) but authoritarian medicine was left untouched by pre-war vaccines. They are then required to take them seriously, (sic) when selling aluminum and formaldehyde vaccines. Medicine is useful, but authoritarian medicine is harmful.

Add the ones that burn them the most, vaccines, orgonites, natural remedies, food – treated waste, illegal immigration policy (the violent settlement of Europe with foreign and foreign bodies), aerial spraying, 5G, UFO, electromagnetic warfare, economic power, that do not fit the authoritarian narrative… in short any narrative that does not fit the power, in the control and repression of the human animal, is baptized as hoax, fake news, misinformation and various such computer manipulative and distorting nonsense. Well, of course, the human_animal eats away at the propaganda centers of the authorities. Except that there are many human beings who communicate through the internet and spoil the narrative of power and most importantly… faith and obedience to it !!!

As with distorted perceptions of society, belief in power is simple, appealing, and completely wrong. It is simplistic and foolish at the same time to think that everything will be fine if they leave the rulers alone to function as they wish. Also, this idea is tempting. You do not need to plan or form an opinion, nor does your mind need to work, since all the information and statistics that power gives you do the job (of power). But it is also wrong, since neither human nature itself, nor modern priesthoods of any kind, function as the ignorant trustees assume. You need a functional mind (discernment and observation of the obvious) to perceive the knowledge that the internet provides richly. 

Let me also give the definition of what important information means:

Important is filoepiviotiki information, either natural, in an ethereal or mental level.
Insignificant is antiepiviotiki information either natural, in an ethereal or mental level.

Is it doing you any good? The whole planet says you are wrong, you do not care.
Is it doing you any harm? The whole planet says you are wrong, you do not care.

All it takes is a trained mind and DISCRETION.

So they prepared the mastiffs, “counters of honesty and reliability” of a website, which are already implemented by Google, come from state accounts and are the propaganda mouthpieces of the media. The rapid rise of alternative, non-systemic media has been directly linked (at the behest of the authorities and with intense and persistent propaganda) to misinformation and blatant lies manipulated by trolling and coming from these systemic media institutions. Power trembles when it does not identify with its own and will do everything it can to stop it.

In his book The Filtering Bubble , Eli Parizer wonders to what extent Google’s algorithm has used our personal data to shape what we see on the Internet according to our personal preferences. Meanwhile, a study by psychologists at Columbia University suggests that people are gradually changing the way they think as their easy reliance on search engines to find answers increases. Convenience kills the truth.

“Since the creation of search engines, we have reorganized the way we remember. Our brains base their memory on the Internet in the same way they rely on the memory of a friend, relative or co-worker. “As time goes on, we know where we can find information than we can keep it to ourselves,” says author Betsy Sparrow. In stock markets, code also dominates as you try to control the algorithms that calculate and decide (instead of mind) what to buy and what not. Codes regulate what the government calls “markets” and not the human economy. Money is intangible and in a little while only the algorithms will decide and not your work, who will have money and how much will have.

Of course, Google has already entered the field of “truth verification” and is not expected to be very effective, judging by the very negative influence it had on the ranking of pirated websites with a recent change in the company’s search engine algorithm. Not that it prevented these sites from existing or from not being able to find them !!!!

If there is any concern as to, what criteria will Google use to decide which data is false and which is not.

Come on, it’s easy… with its criteria they serve the narrative of each power (LOL) and anything that does not match the power is called as hoax, fake news and all these parrots. But the authoritarian clergy of ” Mystery Babylon” have always used this method.

Google is not just a search engine. The search was clearly the foundation of the company, but that was only the beginning. Alphabet, Google’s parent company, currently has the largest concentration of artificial intelligence experts on the planet. It extends to the fields of health, transport, energy. It has the potential to attract top computer scientists, physicists and engineers from around the world. He has bought hundreds of start-ups, including Calico, which he claims is tasked with “curing death”, and DeepMind, which aims to “solve the intelligence issue”.

Twenty years ago it did not even exist. When Tony Blair was elected Prime Minister, it was impossible to google him, the search engine had not yet been discovered. The company was only founded in 1998 and Facebook did not appear until 2004. The founders of Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page are only forty +. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is thirty +. Everything they have accomplished, the virtual world they created, has become timeless, in the blink of an eye.

The consequences in terms of the strength and scope of these monopoly companies are just falling into the perception of the human_animal. The recent outcry over fake news on Facebook did not raise alarm among hypnotized users about the risk of assigning their data and rights to companies. The ignorant and stupid user says, “Wow, Facebook and Google do have a lot of power” as if it were a great discovery. Slowly the new big!

You do not realize that the page you are browsing on Facebook, the page on Google, the ads you are looking at, the results you are using in search engines, are all personalized. You do not see it because you have nothing to compare it with.

No one monitors or records it. Nobody controls it.

You are inside a machine and you cannot see the power control system.

You do not even realize that there is an authoritarian control system.

You live inside the MATRIX and Smith is playing with you, little man.

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Ignorant users think of the internet as the air they breathe or the water they drink. It surrounds us. We use it and in no case do we dispute it. But this is not a natural landscape, it is neither the air nor the water we drink. Developers and company executives, editors and designers make up the creators of this electronic landscape, in good agreement with the authorities. They are human beings and they all carry out the orders of their masters. But no one knows what these commands are.

Neither Google nor Facebook publish their algorithms. We do not know and there is no way to know them. Their systems are “black boxes”. Google and Facebook are a formidable powerhouse and are leading a growing academic movement for “algorithmic accountability.” Regular systems monitoring is required, we need people in these companies who are responsible. Under the Digital Copyright Act (DMCA) in the United States, every company must have a communications representative. This is exactly what needs to be done. They are obliged to respond to any complaints, but not only do they not respond but they are preparing to control even more suffocatingly their hypnotized and helpless users.

Electronically Illiterate .

The ignorant human_animal has full midnight for very basic issues related to electronic search and its direct impact. We are talking about the most powerful mind control machine ever discovered in the history of the human race and man_of_civilization has not even realized it.

Damien Tambini, an associate professor at the London School of Economics who focuses on media regulation, points out that we lack any framework to deal with the potential impact of these companies on the democratic process. “We have structures that handle powerful media organizations. We have competition law. But no responsibilities are claimed from these companies. There are no authorities that will force Google or Facebook to disclose anything. There is an editing feature on Google and Facebook, but it has been created by advanced algorithms. These are machinesand not for authors. It’s just an automated editing function. “

But the scale and complexity of the existence of two global power companies of a kind we have never seen before and that affect so many areas of our lives is such, says Naughton, that “we do not have the mental mechanism to know exactly who they are. the malfunctions “.

And this is especially true for the future. Google and Facebook are the pioneers of artificial intelligence (AI). They will conquer the future. People are barely starting to formulate the kind of questions they have to ask. Politicians do not think (when they think) in the long run. Businesses also do not think long-term, because they focus on the next quarterly results and that is what makes Google and Facebook as interesting and different organizations. They think over and over in the long run. They have the resources, the money, the power, the power and the unbridled ambition to do whatever they want.

They want to digitize all the books on the planet: they do. They want to build a self-propelled vehicle: they do. The fact that the user reads about fake news posts and realizes that they may have influenced political beliefs and the election result is tantamount to saying – on what planet do you live? But it is self-evident and obvious. They decided that they possess the absolute “truth” and that they are the god you will believe and obey.

The internet is involved in things that the manufacturer does not understand how it works. “This is the biggest project involving Chaos in history. Hundreds of millions of users create, every minute, and consume an untold number of digital content in an electronic world that is not bound by earthly laws. The internet as an illegal, anarchist state. ” What digital destroyer would make such a prediction? This is Eric Schmidt, president of Google. These are the first phrases from the textbook, The New Digital Age, which he co-authored with Jared Cohen.

It is not bound by earthly rules and is in the hands of two giant, powerful companies. This is their experiment, not ours. The technology that is supposed to set us free (from what) has created a huge propaganda network, which tramples the entire internet like cancer. The same technology allows companies like Cambridge Analytica to build policy messages tailored to your needs. They understand your emotional reactions and how to trigger them. They know your tastes, your dislikes, where you live, what you eat, what makes you laugh, what makes you cry.

As Google is almost a monopoly on search, its ambition to own and control the natural infrastructure of your life is its next step. It already holds your data and with it your identity. What will this mean when it spreads to all other areas of your life?

Multinationals always benefit from the results of the Internet: the more users connect to Facebook, the easier it is for everyone else to sign up, even retirees and seniors.

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As scary as it sounds, Google’s main product is the titanic group of users and their data on how they behave on the internet. Its valuable product is its users, its customers. Why does it offer so many “free” services you have wondered? Do you know how reliable these services are? What does “free” mean you can imagine? Which commercial and monopoly company offers “free” services?

This valuable data is used – seemingly – to match companies with potential customers, serving them ads that will click on them. In everyday use, this practice is something you usually forget. But your habits, your YouTube preferences, your searches, or your Gmail clicks are all used to outline your behavior. In addition, Google follows all your browsing habits through Analytics and Adsense codes (embedded in web pages) to track your interests outside of the search engine. Apparently so, because appearances are rarely identified with reality.

All this is more or less known. Some know it, others do not care, the most suspicious use other, more innocent search engines. But with Google dominating the web, the smartphone revolution has multiplied valuable data. Whether you are on the bus and fooling around on your cell phone, or watching TV and at the same time wanting to find information on Google, almost every activity creates a virtual trail. This is the raw material for Google Data Distilleries. And as all devices become smarter, that is , they all connect to the internet, this volume grows.

This abundance of data has changed the nature of competition. With more and more data, additional fields of action are being created. Thus, by collecting more data, a business has more room to improve its products, which attracts more buyers, who in turn generate even more data and the cycle never ends. The colossal surveillance systems now cover the entire economy: Google can see what users are looking for, Facebook knows what 2 billion people on this planet share, and Amazon knows what they are buying.

The stage after the search is the prediction.

Google wants to know what your wish is BEFORE you know it yourself. This is almost already happening, we are talking about the omniscience of these technological giants, however this omniscience can take leaps and bounds again, if they acquire the ability to predict. They want to get there. To predict and decide before ‘for you’ … It is the definition of “free will” (LOL).

This “panoramic” view of the world and its activities, these vast databases is the most valuable asset of our time and this product, which leads an ever-growing industry, is increasingly causing antitrust regulators to step forward to put limits to those who magnify their influence. A century ago, this position was held by oil.

Google and Facebook are responsible for almost the entire dramatic increase in digital advertising revenue of the last decade. The omnipotence of these technological giants has caused great concern, as Rockefeller Standard Oil once did in the early 20th century. But, no it’s not just the size of these companies that is scary. Moreover, the nature of the data is such that it makes past antitrust arrangements useless.

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Splitting a business like Google into five, ten Googlets would not change anything in today’s environment. Instead, they would bring more money to the parent Alphabet, as did the famous descendants of Standard Oil, Mobil, BP and Arco. The only thing for sure is that rebuilding antitrust authorities in the age of technology is not easy. We all expect new dangers. A sudden lack of daily digital dose. A day without facebook, without automatic updates, without direct access to the… of your neighbor. No, no one wants to shut down Google, Facebook or Twitter like no one once wanted to shut down MySpace, AOL and NetScape.

And it all started with garages and dormitories… LOL

The more we surf in their machines, the more the authorities know about us and everything feeds a circular, closed system. What we are experiencing today is another, classic age of propaganda mechanism. We have experienced it again in the past, after all all power systems in propaganda are based on consolidation. Just what used to be done with print and books – with the expected time delay, is now done in milliseconds. And yes, that’s scary.

Is it not possible to believe that this whole chaotic system is made to earn some monopoly Americans from advertising? No, yes,… the issue is much deeper ζουν they are building a NEW REALITY and a NEW KIND OF HUMAN ANIMAL, which serves Big Pharma. More inactive, stupid and gullible human animals for every use.

The good thing, of course, is that it is very easy for us to know who works and is dependent on the government and who are truly independent. So we can easily know what bothers the government and work accordingly, draw conclusions and move in the right direction; that is, if the government and its spokesmen say that is true (because scientific findings and… blah blah) it is easy to find out who the other is, trying to hide from you. If you are blindfolded not to see the east and only show you the west, well, it is easy to throw the blinds and discover the rest of the horizon. Asics runner

What they call hoax, or fake news, clearly shows what they are afraid of.

So it is easy to know what to do and how to move; those of us who have a mind.

As algorithms spread their influence beyond machines and shape the environment around them, the environment in which we are called to live, with their own truths, the time has come to know exactly how many algorithms do and if you still have time to tame them.

It is more than obvious that you do not have this time, neither the knowledge, nor even the mood.

Algorithms are the markets that decide if and how you will live, what you will learn and where you will find it, as well as when and how you will die.

The mythical “free will” is only a short joke. It always has been.


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