Whith Heroic Courage Two Doctors Reveal the Coronian Conspiracy

Another example of how much the international community is playing with the coronavirus epidemic is the two American doctors who, after carefully studying our phenomenon, present their truly astonishing conclusions.

Working hard, these two doctors, Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi, in an American hospital in California and examining about 5000 cases of covid-19 tests, came to the conclusion after much study that it is nothing more than a classic epidemic such as appear from time to time in humanity.

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The conclusion from their thorough study that really dispels many myths from the global hysteria of the corona virus is shown in a demonstrative way in the video below.

For example, they report and reveal that this covid-19 virus has been known for the past decade and in fact medical studies have been done on its effect on the human immune system.At first, we wondered if its current appearance was a new, more dangerous mutation of the virus, but when we found that 96% of cases are curable and a small percentage end up not mainly due to the virus but other diseases that already existed with covid-19.

A first big question that arose with this story, which is definitely a construction of special laboratories, is that it is possible to deal with the virus to order 30,000 respirators enriching their production company and in the end to use only 5 numbers.

Our second big concern on the same important issue is how the big and even small hospitals dealing with the epidemic have a majority of medical and hospital staff, consequently expelling some of them and on the other hand the media screaming that the situation is tragic. and there is a great need to increase medical and nursing staff.

In short, some people make fun of us in the worst way and with the main purpose of cultivating fear in the general public.But what they have noticed is the most disturbing in this whole story of targeted terror and fear is that many patients with related diseases such as heart, lung, stomach, cancer are afraid to go to the hospital and have been left virtually without it. necessary treatment. That is a great medical disgrace.

But the most ridiculous thing in this whole affair, and at the same time the most dangerous, is to lock people in four walls and this has the effect of weakening their immune system and making them more vulnerable to various diseases, apart from the psychological oppression that is also capable of causing serious health problems for prisoners because of this covid-19 fiasco story.

If we go to history, we will reasonably wonder, when there were much more terrible epidemics such as plague, typhoid, plague, did people then take such outrageous measures to protect themselves from the spread of these epidemics? Of course not. The sick were simply isolated and life went on normally.

And our question that comes in now: Why hadn’t the same thing happened now with swine flu, Ebola, bird flu, AIDS, etc.?How is it possible that we wonder, to let people free to shop in supermarkets, which supposedly when they touch something leaves the germ, and close the churches to the world that wants to pray? There is no logic in all this.

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The logic of medical science states that in order to fight a virus, the immune system must develop antibodies. But this only happens when there is contact with this virus.

And finally, a kind of coronavirus dictatorship cannot prevail in the medical world and doctors must be forced to write to patients who die for various reasons that they died of the coronavirus.

Every day with the development of the epidemic, a guy Fauci comes and explains to us, a purely academic gentleman with no real contact with real patients and has no contact with reality.

Finally, the issue is political, not medical, and let us sheep sit around, believing all this nonsense that the news bulletins pass us every day !!!!!!

Sultana Cheiladaki


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