Annunaki Genesis, Zecharia Stitchin Project Stargate

Annunaki Genesis, Zecharia Stitchin, Carl Sagan & Sumerian Culture, New Zealand Shooter Trained by Radical Islamists ‘Double-Crossed’, LBGT Courses Taught in California? Project Stargate

Joined by Andy Jardine, a resident of the U.K. Now living in Spain. He joined the program to detailed his trials and tribulations. His ongoing issues with his wife and having screws in his ankles. He then discussed his book “Annunaki genesis”. He talked about the importance of Carl Sagan and Voyager 1.  How Sagan incorporated the Sumerian language. Michael asked if he believed in evolution? Andy revealed that he subscribes to the ancient astronaut theory. 

Michael talked about the bible & if we should get rid of all religion in America? What impact would that have on the nation? Complete chaos or what ??? Andy predicts pure chaos. The conversation moved on to the Moon. Remote viewers hired by the C.I.A. to investigate whats on mars and other planets. 

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The transcript appeared on the CIA’s site as part of a large dump of documents related to the U.S. government’s experimentation with the paranormal phenomenon—projects that have been variously attributed with helping resolve the Iran hostage crisis and simply derided for wasting taxpayer money. As I soon learned, this particular document was a product of the Star Gate (sometimes spelled as one word, sometimes two) program, an initiative made most famous by Jon Ronson’s book The Men Who Stare at Goats.

According to an explanatory document about the Star Gate, available on the CIA’s site, the program sought to cultivate “psychoenergetics,” which it defines as “A Mental Process by which an Individual Perceives, Communicates with, and/or Perturbs Characteristics of a Designated Target, Person or Event Remote in Space and/or Time from that Individual.” (The unusual capitalization scheme is original to the document.) In particular, Star Gate focused on “remote viewing”—which involves using the mind alone to see thing that aren’t immediately present. The document proposes that “remote viewing” is “inherent to every human to some degree” and “Probably a vestigial form of self-preservation.”


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