They Already knew All We are not in a “Pandemic”, but in a Perennial “Propaganda”

Tell the truth, but aren’t you tired of being made fun of every day by people who have always done their best to tell nothing but lies and pass them off as absolute truths?

Come on a little seriousness’ please, look in the mirror and ask yourself at least once if you deserve all this!
I don’t feel like telling any of you what to do, but whatever you have in mind, do it!

The 1% that holds the reins of the game is terrified of anything that is moving!


We are not in a “pandemic”, we are in “propaganda”.

The system is looking for power and money and is lying to us! It is time to stand up and learn the truth!Research from 2016 to 2018, published in 2019, showed us that Coronavirus is a seasonal infection and always ends between February and April.

The “lockdown” must end! The fact that their science had already been published and showed that Coronaviruses circulate every year and infect millions of people was the perfect opportunity the mediation system needed to manage the masses with fear.

They knew this would happen.
They knew that relatively no one had ever heard of “coronavirus” and this would allow them to scare people as if it was something “new”.

Want to share a short snippet of information? Click HERE! They already knew about the Coronavirus!

A, positive (color) and negative (white bar) samples per week.
The weekly distribution for each age group is shown in the Supporting Information.

B, Time series highlighting the distinction between viruses with and without a seasonal pattern. Weekly positive results for each virus are normalised to the total number of tests collected within the week. Fewer samples were collected in late spring and summer.
The increases in coronavirus prevalence in May and July are likely artifacts due to the lower number of samples collected.


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